Demonstrating own options for actions and anchoring them in a strategy map

Nowadays, it is not only about predicting the future but also about inventing it. However, what are the possibilities of a company to create its future? The traditional scenario planning provides us with some vague answers to this question, whereas Scenario-Management™ offers the possibility to evolve a systematic development of strategy options- so called strategy scenarios. These strategy scenarios illustrate the action space for the future and will be evolved jointly within the company.

Three steps to alternative strategy scenarios

The development of strategy scenarios requires three steps:

  • Selection of strategy elements (Step 1):
    In the first step, all relevant questions which should be answered during the strategy process will be collected. The most pertinent questions are described as scenario elements.
  • Development of future options (Step 2):
    Subsequently, different development possibilities of the strategy elements will be described in forms of future options.
  •  Linking of future options to strategy scenarios (Step 3):
    The aim of the third step was the identification of fundamental alternatives for options in forms of consistent core strategies. Each of these strategy scenarios follows a certain “strategy core” which is composed of the different strategy elements, which should be especially emphasized.

The linking of the strategy scenarios is made within a strategy land map – also: strategy roadmap. In this step the development possibilities of strategies from the present to the future will be visualized. Accordingly, possible development paths and strategic change can be discussed in advance and aims and milestones can be consciously set.

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