The future of added value in Germany – Megatrends, challenges and scenarios

How can Germany, due to changing conditions, adapt its industrial strategy which managed to lead them successfully through the financial crisis? In a working paper the central forces of change are demonstrated as well as challenges and alternative futures outlined.

Germany got through the financial and economic euro crisis successfully. This was the result of the country industrial base as well as on the structural reforms introduced at the beginning of the 21st century. However, the achieved results must not imply that the country can rest on laurels. Instead, changing framework conditions require constant strategy adjustments. In this working paper we would like to demonstrate the central forces of change in the form of megatrends and also we would like to outline and present the challenges of generating added value and with which future alternatives we could be confronted as entrepreneurs, politicians or citizens. The scenarios portrayed should encourage a dialogue about the future and open the view beyond current debates. MORE

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