Conveying knowledge target-group oriented, expanding abilities future-focussed.

The main driver of the companies’ success is the skill of your employees. They determine the current and future achievement of your enterprise. An investment in your employee’s qualifications is at the same time an investment in your direct future.

Increasing your companies’ success by qualifying your experts and managerial employees

The ScMI Academy has specialised on the development of an organizations or individuals’ future robustness in the context of in-house events as well as in open training. Together, we improve relevant “future skills” of experts and managerial employees by offering custom-tailored trainings and workshops. In this process, we closely relate to the daily practice in companies and their company-specific goals. A limited number of participants and only small learning groups guarantee a high level of individuality, also in terms of direct approaches within the group. We convey knowledge, abilities and techniques, which can be directly transferred and implemented in the individual working environment of each participant.

Recognizing chances and risks, developing action alternatives, using potentials

The main goal of our workshops and trainings is to initiate developments and to reveal ways of implementation. The self-reliance and independence of participants is reinforced by experiencing own strengths and weaknesses and by putting them in the position to evolve future robust options for action as well as to implement them. ScMI trainings and workshops raise your key personnel’s action competence and help to exhaust their potential. Jointly, we create the basis for the successful future of your company.

Broad range of open trainings and workshops

We offer our profound know-how in open trainings and workshops, in which we deal with different consulting areas. Have a look at our open offers, which can be adapted to your needs to realise In-house seminars.

Dates overview

Current dates of open trainings and workshops of ScMI can be found here.

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