Describing the path of change and staying on target

Strategies can only be successful if their implementation receives just as much attention as its development. Many implementation processes gain their firepower because they contain a catalogue of strategic actions. They illustrate at which points concrete changes are necessary. On the company level, strategic programs and projects are often formulated instead of actions, which should initiate a bunch of company-wide actions.

Application of roadmaps in the context of strategic controlling

The temporary consolidation of actions, programs and project follows a Roadmap. Strategic controlling firstly deals with the control of success at the implementation of these actions, programs and projects. In addition, it is about continuously adapting the Roadmap – which means to define activities and to work them into the implementation process.

Strategy implementation as a connector to Change Management

At the same time, an organization leaves the known environment of management, executives or strategy team. Now the whole organization is in the focus – and also the people who are needed in order to implement a strategic direction of impact. Accordingly, the implementation does not only deal with the optimization of business processes but contains much more. We, ScMI, take a holistic organizational development, the creation of a cultural change as well as the personnel- and personal development into account.

Pursuit of strategy-critical topics in the context of strategic early detection

One of the additional challenges for a long-term success is the ever changing requirements of the organization and its environment.
More and more frequently, they demand a „readjusting“, without questioning the implementation process itself. Only adaptable strategies provide the basis for a long-lasting successful change. The continuous pursuit of strategy- critical topics is part of the strategic early detection – for example in the context of “Foresight Processes”.

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