Capable partners: having the necessary know-how for each situation

The interconnected collaboration – internally and beyond the own companies’ boundaries – is getting more and more important. The situational and project related interaction of different components and instruments is not only what we suggest to our customers. We, ScMI also live cooperation and consciously cultivate contacts – for your advantage.

Thanks to our partner network we are able to react on your specific requirements not only substantially, but also flexibly on time and with the highest quality. As a result, we extend our service offer on basis of the joint know-how with advanced offers. Hence, we use the exchange in our partner network for a constant development of our service portfolio and for an active quality management.



ScMI collaborates with a network of excellent consultants, trainers, coaches and domain experts. Our partners are professionals from the praxis, for the praxis. They possess profound operative and/or strategic know-how as executive leaders, project leaders, HR responsible, communication and domain experts in the area of commercial concerns as well as non-profit-organizations and public sectors.

Our network partners connect your practical experiences with the substantial and methodological- didactic qualifications matching your role in projects as a consultant in strategy, innovation or organizational questions, as a trainer or coach as well as a consulting domain expert.

ScMI feels obliged to their network partners and therefore integrates them intensively in the know-how transfer, the innovation and quality management as well as into internal human resource activities. Hence we are able to offer you a remaining high quality processing of your projects.


Corporate Partners

The ScMI is particularly connected with the following partner companies:

International Partners

In international projects the ScMI cooperates with the following persons and companies:

Content Partner

To sensitize companies, organizations and also the general public for future and scenario management the ScMI AG closely collaborates with the following organizations:

Scientific partners

Die ScMI AG is originated in the area of science and earned the quality-label „business formation of the University of Paderborn“. For further advancement of the Szenario-Management™ the ScMI AG is supported by several scientific partners:

  • University Paderborn, professorial chair for business informatic, Decision Support & Operations Research
    Prof. Dr. Leena Suhl
  • University Paderborn, professorial chair for business informatic, especially CIM
    Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Dangelmaier
  • University Karlsruhe, KIT institute for product development
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Albert Albers
  • Cranfield University, School of Management, Centre for Business Performance
    Prof. Andy Neely
  • College Hannover, Health Management
    Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hellmann

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