Scenario-Manager™ – our software for scenario development and assessment

Wanted or not - the future of markets, industries and environments is complex. Sometimes even that complex, that the variety of influence factors and its connections cannot be depicted with traditional instruments. Therefore, scenarios do not simply develop through discussion or moderation processes, but fall back on specific software systems. ScMI offers one of the latest software systems for developing and observing scenarios.

Two efficient software solutions

The usage of software in future processes is often controversially discussed – as software should not outbreak or constrain the creative and open dialogue. Based on our specific methodology competence and the long-standing experience, ScMI offers two efficient solutions:

  • The Scenario-Manager supports the efficient creation of high quality scenarios based on the methodology on Scenario-Management™. Thanks to its modular structure, the software can be adapted to each specific application situation.
  • With the usage of Scenario-Radar, customers of ScMI as well as external users receive the possibility to monitor their scenarios. Hereby it can be depicted which scenarios will take shape and how future expectations will evolve.

Modern technologies and a temporary surface design

The usage of latest technology and a temporary surface design build the basis for Scenario-Manager™. Moreover, the software system has following characteristics:

  • Outstanding Performance: Powerful algorithms support real-time update, even for complex tasks and the consideration of numerous influence factors in scenario projects.
  • Praxis Orientation: Practically proven processes based on more than 250 projects of Scenario-Management™ in various industries.
  • Intuitive Usage: Easy, graphical guidance through all process steps and catchy visualization of results.
  • MS-Office-Integration: Efficient documentation of results and team processes based on MS-Office integration.

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