Planning ahead futures. Developing strategies. Creating change.

ScMI is the abbreviation for Scenario Management International. The origins of ScMI can be traced back to the beginning of the ‘90s, when Scenario Management was developed at the Heinz Nixdorf Institute of the University of Paderborn. Shortly after, the first applications of the methodology were made in industrial projects. In 1995 the first profound publication appeared in the book "Scenario management - planning and leading with scenarios".

In 1998, ScMI, a corporation for future research and strategic management was founded by 24 stakeholders, among them numerous well-known management personalities from diverse industries. Since then ScMI has been cooperating with the majority of Germanys DAX companies as well as with innovative market leaders and public institutions, national as well as international, in the area of Scenario Management™ and developed scenarios from more than 400 different projects.

One of the crucial characteristics of Scenario Management™ is the consistent orientation for application. Therefore ScMI does not only support companies and organizations with developing future scenarios. Moreover we supervise its application concerning the creation of visionary strategies, the search for innovations in new markets, products and business models and furthermore help with the implementation, transformation and change processes in the context of “Future Driven Change”.

The main concern and corporate mission of ScMI is to anchor the main principles of Scenario-Management™ –future oriented, linked and strategic thinking – into companies and organizations. Besides the development and application of scenarios, the deployment of software solutions, the preparation of future related knowledge in studies as well as extensive training offers within the context of our ScMI Academy is included.

We kindly invite you to have a look at the following facets of the ScMI cooperation:


Our Management-Team
The ScMI cooperation consists of a two-headed board and an extended management team. Get to know these persons in detail.
Our Supervisory Board
ScMI consists of three persons in the board of directors. Get to know these persons in detail.
Our network
ScMI collaborates with a network consisting of excellent consultants, trainers, coaches and experts. Get more information about our corporate partner, our international partners, our content partners and our scientific partners.
Contact us in case you are interested in working in our interdisciplinary team – for example as a consultant or as a student assistant.


Scenario-Management™ is our frame concept, on which our approaches concerning scenario and strategy development, innovation and change management build upon. It is embedded in an overarching understanding of future management. Learn more about our developed and implemented methods.

Since its founding, ScMI is cross-industry positioned which allows us to support customers in different branches and topics. In the past few years we have been working together with countless well- known companies and organizations. We are happy that many of our partners confirmed their mention as our reference.

We are looking forwards towards an open and intense dialogue and are excited to develop and support Scenario-Management™ as a pioneering concept.



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