ScMI as a guest at the United Nations

Future scenarios for the world of 2045


Our Scenario Manager software system is now used on almost every continent. Our clients include companies, organizations and universities - from Vancouver to Hong Kong, and from the RAND Corporation to the Archdiocese of Paderborn. Nevertheless, it was something special for us when the United Nations also decided to use scenario management.


To create a more forward-looking approach to international security, UNIDIR, an autonomous research organization within the United Nations, is using future scenarios to examine what actions could be taken now to better address potential and future global challenges. As part of a software project, ScMI AG provided introductions to the software with the help of workshops in order to create scenarios of what the world could look like in 2045. 


On this basis, the research institute UNIDIR will then discuss what the various futures imply for international security and the United Nations. The focus will be on disarmament, global challenges and threats to peace affecting the international community.


For more detailed information and a personal experience report by Sarah Ohse, please refer to pages 14 to 15 of the ScMI Annual Report 2022 (GERMAN edition).



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