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The future of Bitcoin - joint project


Become a project partner to make the topic more tangible for you and your company and to make possible developments more predictable. Benefit from UTXO expert knowledge and an intensive exchange in the scenario team. Take advantage of the interdisciplinary discussions and networking events with other companies to develop a basis for your company's strategic planning. We look forward to meeting you. Information on the methodological approach, the project setting, conditions and registration options can be found here (GERMAN).


Since its launch in October 2009, Bitcoin, as the first fully decentralized cryptocurrency, has sparked diverse and controversial discussions about the future of our money, but also the application of the blockchain technology associated with it. Even after 15 years, the topic is still fraught with uncertainty. While some attribute the power to create a new and sustainable economy to Bitcoin, others see a global "Ponzi scheme". The aim of this project is to systematically examine the topic and develop conceivable alternative development paths in the form of scenarios. The aim is to make Bitcoin more tangible for the partners involved in terms of content, assessable in terms of conceivable developments and thus accessible for strategic planning.


The project will be realized by a network of interested and diverse project partners. As a partner, you will benefit from UTXO's expert knowledge and an intensive exchange within the scenario team. The interdisciplinary discussion of the topic offers high added value for all participants and broadens their own horizons. The partnership therefore includes the participation of two to three people in the exclusive scenario team, which meets for three workshops. Use these dates to network with other companies and create the basis for turning insights into joint action.



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