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IT’s OWL – always one step ahead

The sustainability action concerning foresight developed 17 future scenarios for the markets machinery and plant engineering, automotive engineering and energy industry in the context of the cluster-technology-network “intelligent technical systems OstWestfalenLippe (it’s OWL)”

Foresight for intelligent technical systems

In order to remain competitive in the global competition, companies have to recognize and to exploit potential success factors on time.

Therefore they have to anticipate the developments of markets, technologies and business environments; this process is also called “Foresight”. Due to lacking resources, many companies still rely on their established innovation concepts and their ability to react. But especially when it comes to the area of intelligent technical systems, this approach is not sufficient. Facing dynamic technology and market developments as well as the increasing complexity of products and production systems, companies are in need of a long-term reliable forecast of how ITS should be conceived in the future. Factors as customer needs, quality characteristics, and potential of new technologies as well as changes of markets receive special attention.

Scenarios concerning energy industry, automotive engineering and machinery and plant engineering

In the context of a research and development project, which was supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and which was led by the ScMI, the prementioned questionings were discussed among other things.
This project especially aims on two main success factors which particularly apply for regional companies: On the one hand the extensions of strategy competence and on the other hand the support in the area of foresight. Concerning the second point, it seems to be obvious that companies are lacking the necessary resources for operating a systematic foresight. Hence, 17 scenarios concerning possible futures of intelligent technical systems were developed and made accessible to the cluster companies and later on also to the public. The recording brochure can be downloaded for free.

In case you have any questions concerning the project or single results, please do not hesitate to contact us. If requested we are happy to send you a printed version of the brochure. We are looking forward to hearing from you via mail or phone.

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