Future robust strategies

Many important decision makers criticize the current inflationary use of the term “strategy”. One rather prefers Business Models instead of strategies and Business Development instead of strategic planning. But one thing is still undisputed:  Companies are in need of clear and longer-term goals and they need an idea of how to reach this goal. We keep on calling this a “Strategy”.

The key to a successful strategy is to have a long-term orientation despite all market, industry and technology changes. Therefore a strategy is unable to rely on a single, clear future image. In the context of a strategy process we develop several aimed scenarios in which different possibilities are considered.  This is how future robust strategies evolve.
Another specialty of our strategy approach is the so called “Strategy Scenarios”.  They are systematically determined and depict alternative possible strategy approaches which are then visualized in a “map of the future”.  This method allows us to think ahead of possible developments and to avoid “thinking barriers”.
Although the strategy development ends with a formulated company or business strategy, it launches a new process: the strategy implementation. The experience shows us that an aimed, accompanied transformation process often becomes a necessity for the companies. The most critical point is not to hang on to the developed scenarios and to cut out changes in the companies’ environment. Therefore, indicators which are crucial to the strategy should be observed.
You can find further information concerning scenario based strategy process here – in case you have concrete questions please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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