The future of rural areas in Germany

The future of rural areas in Germany

How does the rural area might look like in 2030? What kind of role could it play in economy and society? What perspectives does it offer for communities, citizens and companies? These and many other questions are subject of a systematic scenario development.

As a result, six future pictures were developed:

  • Granary of the country (Scenario 1) – The countryside as space of retreat and supply partners for agglomerations
  • Economic-Wonder-Land (Scenario 2) – The good economic situation in the countryside attracts companies and population
  • Village Deluxe (Scenario 3) – The countryside as attractive habitat in the global and digital environment
  • Residence of pensioners (Scenario 4) – Rural areas position itself via services, tourism and residence for the elderly generation
  • Slow-Country  (Scenario 5) – Rural areas are stagnating concerning the development – the ‘waiver’-society reflects on traditional structures
  • Total rural exodus (Scenario 6) – Rural areas are going into a tailspin: economy and population are leaving

Apart from the single future pictures a ‘map of the future’ also arises showing three central distinctive features: the economic development and quality of life, the structural change as well as the civic commitment and one’s own rural identity. Both scenarios and the map of the future are published in the scenario study.

The present scenarios can be used in communities and regions as a starting point for open discussions about strategic perspectives and possibilities. At the same time, they can be also used as a basis in order to develop specific scenarios. Further information about the scenario study and the application possibilities of scenarios can be found here.



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